No added nitrites

Gluten-free, no Allergens, Sugar-free

A simple and authentic recipe

We have drawn on our passion, research and knowledge
to create the perfect product
for people who care about their health
and what they eat.

Product specifications

solo così

Wholesome food for everyone, with this tasty, slow steamed leg ham, totally free of allergens, processed with natural ingredients only.

no to added nitrites,
no to allergens,

yes to nature!

Who says that sugar is essential? We use just three ingredients for the Cosciotto SOLO COSI':
a leg of ham, salt and natural aromas because we know
that being healthy requires simple food


Delicious and sweet without sugar: tastiness achieved with just three ingredients

We use just three ingredients for our Cosciotto SOLO COSI': a leg of ham, sale and aromas, specifically citrus fruit and Mediterranean herbs. Our special recipe avoids adding nitrites as well as sugar, which are normally included in the cooking of ham to obtain compact, glistening and more flavoursome ham slices.

So how can the Cosciotto SOLO COSI' be so sweet, delicious-looking and tasty? It is all to do with the citrus fruit because sweetness does not just come from sugar. The proper use of healthy, natural ingredients can provide us with everything we need without making the food tasteless or unhealthy. The recipe for the Cosciotto SOLO COSI' is unique as it is the first in Italy to combine these qualities and is the result of a long and diligent research process to meet the needs of those people who have to constantly check their blood sugar levels and those who enjoy their food but like to live healthily. Our method is a guarantee for you and a commitment for us.

solo così:

Also available in tray packages!!

Product specifications

for handy goodness!

solo così:

Hooray, we’re ready to eat!

Pre-sliced, it makes everyone happy
around the table!

solo così:

Perfect at any time!

Pre-sliced for a healthy snack
always a crowd pleaser!

All the flavour of pork ham, slowly steamed for you